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Tackling the complexity that lies beneath business processes takes precision tools & deep expertise

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Understanding business process requires understanding the industry. We do both.

Our Promise

Understanding business process requires understanding the industry. We do both.


As a process transformation company, GLB rethinks and rebuilds processes for the digital age by combining the speed and insight of design thinking with the scale and accuracy of data analytics. We have been helping customers, across industries from financial services to healthcare, achieve greater agility through transformed and automated customer experiences.

GLB’s process transformation services innovate at the intersection of business and technology to transform processes that realize our client’s vision. We are experts in accelerating performance and achieving high-impact outcomes through winning execution strategies across the entire business and customer lifecycle.

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  • manage and develop your cloud infrastructure

    We’ll work with your teams to remove the common fears that a cloud migration has to be time consuming, complicated and costly. By defining your scope and requirements you can be up and running quickly with an Azure Velocity Landing Zone, designed to scale and flex as more services are delivered in Azure.

  • Accelerate your cloud journey

    Wherever you are in your cloud journey, and whatever your motivations, we’ll help get you there faster. Whether you have concerns over costs, performance, security or visibility, we’ll advise on the right approach for you.

  • Secure and compliant foundation.

    We’ll work with you to create a secure governance framework that is applied through Azure and subscription management. All of our services are aligned to Azure Architecture blueprints, MS Virtual Data Centre guidance and NCSC 14 Cloud Security principles.

  • With you every step of the way.

    Many businesses moving to Azure are looking to reduce cost and improve overall business agility. But not every organisation can achieve this in Azure. We’ll work with you to assess your current situation and priorities. Then we’ll identify and realize the benefits at each stage of your cloud journey.